(For the non-technical information about what the product actually does, click the link above)

MarginPro is an extremely extensive cloud (Windows Azure) application consisting of probably the single most fully featured and beautiful business application written in Silverlight 4 currently around.  In addition to this there is also our public facing MVC application that hosts all of our marketing material, login page and a full featured help (editable and expandable in real-time by admins) and support site complete with training videos, tutorials, the ability to log support cases directly to our support department and numerous deep integrations with our CRM system to enable our sales and front-line support staff to handle the vast majority of issues that arise without ever needing to expend any development team effort.

This project is a perfect example of the benefits of software done right – if any of our customers any where in the world ever encounters an error, our development team is instantly notified via extremely detailed e-mail complete w/ the error message, stack trace and a few other pertinent bits of information.  Usually within a matter of minutes we’re able to resolve these issues and can then, with the click of a button, deploy the fix to every single user of our system without even a second of downtime or a single user interrupted.  Likewise we’re able to develop, test and deploy new features the same way with a turnaround rate of ‘several’ to a dozen+ features pushed to customers every week.

Contrast this with all of our competitors where they all have a separate database with thick clients communicating to it.  Initial setups require sending engineers out to the customer, installing the servers and client applications.  Whenever a bug is discovered it takes several months to fix (if the customer even bothers to report it) and update all clients individually – the costs of which increase proportionally to the number of customers they have.

Our customers just login to our webpage and pretty much every time they do they’re met with brand new functionality of massive value to them found no where else.  We activate clients instantly at the click of a button the moment a new contract is signed – and this can be done 100% by the sales team directly, inside our CRM system, without ever talking to any of our technical people.

All of this was done (the initial creation, at least) in an extremely short period of time with but a couple of developers – needless to say, I’m pretty proud of this project.

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